Occasionally you’ll see a picture of a cup of coffee with a toy robot. The ‘how’ is too convoluted, but the ‘why’ is where it picked up as A Thing I Kept Doing and now a bunch of people are doing with me: it was amusing to take a picture of a toy robot with a cup of coffee and try to sum up the entire story with a caption, maybe referencing the cartoon these toys were from. Well, I started getting a lot of positive feedback; a lot of people I hadn’t heard from in a while who were calling me up to tell me how much they liked seeing the pictures. It was like having a quick sip at a cafe at a friend, albeit one who is starting the day before trying to rob the Earth of all its resources before taking over the universe. I made a Facebook page which is linked below and soon 50 or so friends who were kind enough to hit the ‘like’ button were joined by hundreds of strangers. A few people started sharing their pictures, many of which were so frequent that it was just easier to make them FB admins.

So keep checking  the FB page and occasionally you’ll see some of the Robots With Coffee pics here. Yes, you can submit a pic on FB and with your permission we might feature it here. Don’t worry, we’re not publishing a coffee table book. That turns into a robot.


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