MORT INKINGBOT – I draw a lot of comic strips. I help out a guy named Mort Inkingbot, who is a robot cartoonist who draws about what it means to be a robot. I help out with the inks, mostly. And with the layout, the pencils, the dialog, and editing the strip on a computer.

Okay, you got me: I made up Mort as a name, for a fake author for a “fake” strip. I got the sense of what kind of person he was just based on the fact he was making these pro-authority tacky strips. So like Kelly from The Onion, he became a character, a fake comic strip with its fake author hovering over it, even more interesting than the pablum he was generating between afternoon martinis. So, that’s how Mort Inkingbot came to be. A bot concerned with laff-a-day strips, no experimentation, read it and maybe cut it up and hang it in your cubicle AND GET BACK TO WORK!

So here’s a link to the archive to his strips.

DOPEY ROBOTS – These are robots I doodle up. Some of them will appear as characters in Mort’s comics. You might see some of them in the shorts. Archive due soon.

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