I like stuff. Or maybe I DON’T like stuff. But I’ll write about the things I listen to, watch, read, or play. And sometimes I talk to people. Not consistently, in any category on this page. These are categories on the site, so the most recent review will appear first.

Movies & TV – I review a lot of movies on this site. Occasionally I review NEW movies but MOSTLY I review films that came out 60-70 years ago. My interest is in film noir and movies that TRY to be film noir. I don’t review that much television, as I don’t watch that much network TV. Sometimes I’ll write about a show I’ll come across if it really sticks out.

Music – Posts generally have 2-3 albums I had picked up at that time. Unlike the Movies section, the music I write about tend to be newer releases. Once in a while I’ll do a “deep dive” on a band I like that I’d encourage you to check out.

Comics & other reading – I love comics! I love books! I’ve worked in bookstores and comic book stores pretty much non-stop from 1997-2018. However, on this site, I have not committed to reviewing them. There’s only a couple entries. I used to discuss my comic book haul on YouTube but I haven’t gotten that many new comics in a while. Anyway, it’s still part of the site. Maybe I’ll resume writing about the books I happen across.

Video Games – Instead of reading, I’m playing those accursed video games! I tend to get a system a generation behind everyone else so I’m not always “with it” on a video game as it’s released. So like Movies, I usually review stuff well after it’s come out, if I REALLY feel like writing about a game, I will.

INTERVIEWS – I’ve only done two typed q&a’s as of 2022. Check them out! If I resume some kind of podcast youtube combo format, I will try to add more interviews.

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