Robots With Coffee was created by Paul Czarnowski. Paul began taking pictures of his toys with coffee because…well that’s between him and the Pope. Are you the Pope?

Well anyway, Paul created a Facebook page and a Twitter page. The FB page added Eric, Elizabeth, Michelle, and Jesse to help express their love for robot action figures and coffee. Paul used his powers of interviewing people to interview a few people for the page. He also started drawing robots in his silly style. Paul began assisting a robot named Mort Inkingbot, who was a famous but fallen syndicated cartoonist on his home planet. I’m kidding, Paul made Mort up. But don’t worry, you will love Mort anyway.

These days Jesse takes the photos for our facebook page and Paul draws comics for the website. We’re both on Twitter – Jesse & Paul.

A comic, Robots With Coffee #1, was published in early 2016, collecting 39 early strips that are no longer on this site. You can order it soon! Another book, The Robots With Coffee Coloring Book, will be out summer 2018. Robots With Coffee #2 You Can Do Stupid Things will be out in October.

If you like what we do, drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.

Buy me a coffee at ko-fi.com

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