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Robots With Coffee was created by me, Paul Czarnowski. It was a social media page where I would take pictures of my robot action figures at my cafe. I’m also an amateur cartoonist and was looking to do something new, so I started drawing comic strips about robots who took puns literally. I met Jesse Busen through a mutual friend and he started contributing on the Facebook page with photocomics about his action figures having a cafe. So I make the drawn comics, Jesse makes the photocomics.

Social Medias: Facebook / Paul’s Instagram / Jesse’s Instagram / Paul’s Twitter / Jesse’s Twitter / RwC YouTube / RwC on KOFI /

I’ve printed 7 comic books of my comic strips & drawings. This website is run by Paul for Paul’s finished comics & art, which you can see in-progress on social media. Mostly out of (in)convenience and bad hardware, Jesse’s photocomics don’t appear on the site – I have a better computer now so this should change in 2023. For many reasons I also can’t reprint Jesse’s photocomics but maybe some day in the near future I can.

Speaking of the future, there’s a bunch of stuff I (we’d) like to do. There’s stuff we DID do but don’t have much time for to do ourselves or schedule to do together. (see: podcasts, YouTube channel). I really love creating stuff under the RwC banner, the comics especially, and that’s my main priority. Hopefully we find time to get certain things back on track. Bookmarking this site or following our social media will keep you in the loop as we do the fun stuff.

If you like what we do, drop us a line – robotswithcoffee @ gmail dot com. We would love to hear from you.

Buy me a coffee at ko-fi.com

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