Robots With Coffee – the portfolio

Hello, I’m Paul Czarnowski, I draw comics under the name “Mort Inkingbot” for this site, and come up with all the silly robots you see here. This is a sample of my comic strips and various robot designs.

Comic strips by Mort are often based on puns or colloquilisms, and the robots either taking everything literally…

mort 257
mort 269

…or being the physical embodiment of the pun.

mort 192

There’s only a few recurring characters, such as Johnsontron, who dies a lot.

mort 201

A lot of the fun for me is coming up with the character designs, just in general or for specific gags. Sometimes little robots make up big robots and then I make gags like this:

mort 187

My comics can get a little political. It’s that kind of world.

mort 214

Most of my comic strips are two panels, but sometimes I’ll come up with something that tells a story in one page.

mort 324

Almost every night I draw 2-4 of the silliest robots I can think of.


Sometimes they have themes, like princess robots.

princess robo cover

…or things that I love, like baseball…

baseball 29

…or coffee…

coffee class 15

Someone came up to me at a show and told me they were having a bad day, were worried about themselves and for the world, and then got online and saw this drawing and knew everything would be okay. She pointed to this drawing. RwC Jesse is my witness.

Occasionally I make watercolor drawings on small canvasses. This one sold at the C2E2 2023 charity auction.

As of 2023 I’ve made 4 collections of the regular strips, one collection of the political comics, and a coloring book, and I plan to have another coloring book later this year.

issue 3