…aaaand we’re back

Well, that kinda sucked, didn’t? August, that is. No internet for various reasons, and too busy at work to sneak into a computer lab and upload pics and strips.

I got a lot of writing done for some RwC related things, we’ll see if it pans out or if it’s worth doing. We definitely have some plans here and, now that I’m settled in my apartment and work got slightly less demanding, it’s time to get on them.

The first thing you’ll see this week? The Conflicticons. Old to Mort, but new to you. Did you know that Mort drew a cartoon about a bickering married couple (of robots) for something like 40 years? He did. And we’re going to share them here.

Soon after? Some video of some wackiness around here.

But as of Sept. 7th we’ll be back on our “one new thing per weekday,” be it a comic strip, a robot & coffee pic, or a new bio for a robot that needs an action figure.

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