Dopey Robot: Classy Road-Stor


Classy Road-Stor: an antihero who uses his street racing skill to rob moving semi-trucks full of high-end stereo equipment…when he’s not occasionally called upon by various top secret government organizations to stop thrill seeking terrorists more dangerous than himself.

But, by golly, he does it with DIGNITY.

BLOG UPDATE: Did you notice the change in layout? Don’t worry, photos will return, and so will more strips. Planning some reviews soon. I was out of town this weekend.

Road-Stor reminds me after-the-fact of one of the GoBots who had a top hat. I think his name was Top Hat, but I don’t remember, sadly. I was drawing the body and didn’t even know if I was drawing a robot when I started, and then I thought “well I’ll give him a head, but he’ll need a hat.”

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