Grand Michigan Adventure


Hey there, I’m back! I went to the Traverse City, MI, area last weekend for the Cherry Capital Comic Con and it was a blast. If you’re stopping by because you picked up a business card or the Robots With Coffee comic book: hello, and thank you!

I talked with some people about SAD VIGILANTE, my superhero parody character. I’m working on the full length comic and I hope to have it done by this fall. Stay tuned here or visit the FB link in this paragraph.

I drew some stuff on Friday at the Drink & Draw event and I didn’t get it back so I guess it sold at the charity auction, so…thanks, bidders!

I appreciate all the hellos, comments, laughs, and handshakes from visitors. It was a great time. Also, Traverse City was pretty darn beautiful.

I drew some Mort strips this weekend and you’ll see them here soon. Thanks!

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