Those nosy kids and their dog (+ more fanpics)


What do I think of the new headmasters? Sorry, Titans Return? Uh, they’re pretty neat. Just like the Combiner Wars figures, they’re mostly the same skeletons with a few variations in leg and arm transformations, and some kibble to complete transformation. Pictured is my least favorite of the five that I bought so far, and probably will stop buying (because of budget and to complete some semblance  of an IDW MTMTE/LL/RID collection). Mindwipe or whatever he’s trademarked as these days has a rubber mask and rubber wings. He doesn’t transform as much as he puts on a disguise. Like he’s the bad guy in a Decepticon plan thwarted by Scooby Doo. Where I get that from is…well, me being snarky about the plastic robot toy having rubber parts instead of plastic bat disguise parts. It’s not important. The other figures are pretty neat, with Skullcruncher being my favorite because of his appearance in MTMTE, and Chromedome being a disappointment because he doesn’t have giant wheel shoulders as he does in MTMTE. Yup, that’s a petty thing to be upset about. The head sculpt is dead on.

Frankly, the only real disappointment is Generations Whirl. They had one chance, a mold that hasn’t been used by other figures before or since, but instead of going the cool winged VTOL vehicle with propellers in his arms, they went G1 homage instead. I would have much rather had him look like he does in MTMTE. He’s still very cool, so I can stop and apologize for complaining.

Here’s some fan pics. That fan being Danny.

Thanks, Danny!

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