Senator War Hero & some other stuff


He’s not my favorite politician but I get bummed when someone from the other side of the political spectrum, mainly those who doesn’t always have their head up their posterior, goes along with the party line when they should know better. And this is one of those cases where the guy should know better. John McCain is happy to promote the idea of stalling the confirmation of a much needed 9th Supreme Court member, and promised to do so if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

WHY? The only other option we can infer is that you’d hold the spot for Trump? Trump assaulted the integrity of McCain by MOCKING the man’s time as a Prisoner Of War. It’s hard to look past this cruel attack of someone’s personal tragic event, but it wasn’t until recently with the whole “Grab ’em by the p—y” event that Trump has withdrawn his support from Trump (kinda).

I know some people who were there when McCain was making a name for himself as a candidate in Arizona back in the day and they didn’t have nice things to say about him. He’s used a pretty terrible word to describe his own wife in front of reporters. He doesn’t have the best record or opinion about a lot of things. That he would withdraw support for his party’s ridiculous campaign WELL after Trump insulted his war record, but that he still plans to be an obstructionist jerkface against a future administration that’s NOT the utter monster that insulted him? I know he’s capable of being a reasonable legislator, there’s no harm in finally being reasonable.

Anyway, other news: I’ll (Paul) be at TFcon Chicago and hopefully run into RwC Michelle, Liz, and Eric (the other people who post pics on the FB page besides myself & Jesse). I’ll be helping out the RiptApparel gang so stop on by, I’ll have copies of RwC #1.

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