Form blazing…hot coffee (+update!)

Hola, Amigos. Been a long time since we last rapped at you.

I think the baseball season and then the election took a toll on Paul & Jesse and that’s why you haven’t seen much on this site. So I grabbed some of Jesse’s recent awesome FB pics and will be sharing them here in the next week, so y’all have something pretty to look at.

At the very least, you’ll have these pics and then two movie reviews and possibly a podcast episode. I’ll include some fan coffee pics that were on social media or emailed directly to us.

As for drawings, I’m a little light on dopey robots and Mort strips but hopefully I’ll have some of those soon. I’ve been working on SAD VIGILANTE. You might’ve seen on Twitter some panels I’ve been working on, but if not:

There you go. Pretty excited that I’m at the halfway point of my first full length comic book.

Love you all,

-RwC Paul


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