Rogue 1: An At-At Story


I saw Rogue One with RwC Eric & some of our local Transformers collector buddies. It was pretty good. It’s not the best movie ever, it’s not a slap in the face to Star Wars fans whether you think “HEY, that’s not the movie I was promised! I thought there’d be some espionage or something!” or “they don’t have to fill in EVERY unseen moment  of Star Wars, do they?” Both are legitimate points, but it’s still a good movie.

I don’t care for the CGI Peter Cushing or Episode 4 de-aged Carrie Fisher. It didn’t look that great, for one (well, it also was amazing that they can do that, but anyway). Maybe a “less is more” policy for moments like that. I get it, we’re watching a “few minutes before” Star Wars prequel. Maybe I won’t jump in line to see the other prequels coming up. Will all these prequels dilute the legacy of the movies I loved? Meh.  I don’t have to watch all of them. This is a really good adventure in the Star Wars U, and having a Star Wars U is something that fans will have to deal with (it’s not like they hadn’t before,  but a lot of the ‘literature’ was probably wiped away with the Lucas Prequels). Hey kids, they know you and your parents will spend money on this. They’ll keep makin’ them if you keep showing up.

Rogue One is better than Epsodes 1, 2, & 3, that’s for sure.

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