Engine Block Head


This is the kind of robot that Rob Zombie sings about. How are you all doing? I haven’t done any movie reviews lately but I’ve watch a bunch of movies so I’m whittling down what I want to write about.

I need to write more strips. The political climate in my country is crazy-go-nuts thanks to President Crazy Go Nuts (if he’s still President, who knows what will happen between the time I’m typing this and the day this doodle airs) and we have a Trumpbot character who practically writes himself thanks to the news. It’s just too depressing, right?

A lot of these dopey robots appearing here lately are for a…board game? Card game? I wrote rules a few months ago but haven’t revisited it. These dopey robots are bad guy troops you’d meet, laid down by dice roll or by the hands of your opponent, and you have to roll to fight or roll to win over and befriend. I’ll go into more detail some other time. But imagine acquiring a small army of rejected but deadly goofy robots. Warms your heart, right?

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