Primus bless the Girl Scouts Of America



Hey if you visited the 44 Flood table at Northwest  Indiana Comic Con…and you bought my comic…THANKS! We had a great time. Hopefully you enjoyed Robots With Coffee #1, a collection of “classic” Mort Inkingbot strips. Hopefully you’re visiting this site for more, which I haven’t been doing as much lately due to STUFF, but hey check out the movie reviews.

I’m working on SAD VIGILANTE, a full length comic book about a depressed superhero. I’m about halfway done.

I’d like to make another comic involving strips about Trumpbot, who you occasionally see here, but the subject matter in real life does such crazy things at breakneck speed that I’m having a hard time to pin down what I’d like to mock. Also, I don’t want to get arrested or something. You can’t tell where it’s going in real life.

I’ve watched some movies to review, 2 40’s noir and 1 modern. I’ll get to them soon, promise.

Some more RwC pics are on their way this week, and some robot doodles. Say hello!

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