The cafe gently reminds Nautica of everyone else’s tab


Yeah, I bought the Crisis or Challenge or Checkers On Velocitron set and sold the other figures to some friends. I just wanted to get Nautica. Wasn’t sure if Takara was going to release a version by itself (which would make sense), but I would have to find out before this set dried up and speculators were charging way more than I’d want to pay for a toy. She’s part of the Titan Masters, therefore has a headmaster. She shares a mold with Blurr (whom I don’t have), and it’s a pretty good one for this character. She came with a weapon, but not a wrench. How hard would that have had to been molded, Hasbro? You can use one of Generation Wheeljack’s “wrenches” if you want, it fits in her hand. I’m glad to have a figure for this character, and it’s a pretty good one, so no real complaints other than “Why did you not release this separately?” You know, if anyone JUST interested in the comics wanted to get this figure? Frustrating and I feel for anyone having to go to one location for these or have to buy one at inflated prices from people who selfishly cleared out the store.

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