Automated Resistance (comic strip)


I get the impression, in the age of “tech employee bro writes manifesto complaining about having to work with women employees & gets fired & is shocked by this,” there’s a generation of ineffectual dudebros out there who latch onto the alt-right because not only are they accepting the foreign scapegoat, they must believe that society should KEEP favoring the white male. That they should get to have certain jobs and there’s no competition. It’s not even a case against affirmative action: they expect these jobs to be there for THEM, and THEM ONLY. If someone from a different background works their way extra hard with the odds stack against them because dudebro’s parents voted to cut all services leveling any playing field for us to learn and become productive members of society, the dudebros can’t accept it. They won’t accept it. That spot was for THEM.

…Among other things. More this week. Thanks for tuning in.

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