Let ’em out! Let ’em out!


I visited RwC Jesse last week and forgot what it was like to ride the DC area trains. Not that big a difference, but there might not be a lot of options, and some of the trains were packed like sardines, with people still trying to push in. Yes, we have that here. But we also have options in case you don’t feel like waiting for that particular line. Or so I’d like to believe. I’m not the public transit expert.

(I had a Trumpbot strip I was planning for today, but didn’t finish, so I cleaned this drawing up a little bit. Enjoy.)

Jesse & I had a great time at TF Con. Sadly, Transformers artist Andrew Griffith had a flight delay and missed a day, so he kindly let us use his table to sell some RwC #1 and drawings. We got to meet a lot of the TF artist group, and of course a lot of people we interact with online. So thanks for visiting us, and sorry I’m not as good looking as Andrew Griffith.

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