No function in his name. (dopey robot)


We don’t know what faction of shape changing robots he belongs to or even if he’s from That Other Planet Full Of Robots, but we’d like to think we know him as just Tom. And yes you can call him Tommy, he says. Mismatching limb parts and a few dents in the armor hints at a maybe a rough life of constant robot war, or maybe he’s just done a lot of dirty labor that required some bumps and bruises and replacement parts. He doesn’t talk about any of that, just asks how he can lend a hand. Like for the human’s underfunded space program, how can he help? is the first thing he says when he stops by. We ordered a pizza and hopefully the astronauts will be back by the time it arrives, but Tom says that he can use his heat rays to reheat it if they’re not back by then. Thanks Tommy!

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