quick robros III: Stranger Things


These drawings have nothing to do with Stranger Things other that I binge watched Stranger Things season 2 in one sitting. Whoops!

It was good. I think there is some valid criticism over it being a retread of the 1st season in most ways, but it had a lot of character development for a show that is basically one big tribute to growing up in the vapid 80’s. This is especially true for Steve and Dustin. Steve was one of those curves thrown at you the previous season, where you thought he’d continue to be an 80’s movie preppy side villain trying to stop John Cusack from winning the girl etc. For season two, he tries to continue his suave big fish in a small pond attitude but underneath that surface he’s ready to lead the Goonies on their next adventure. The episodes were consistent from one to the next, even the deviation for Eleven as she made her way to Chicago for an episode that feels like a reverse X-Men Days Of Future Past 80’s revenge story.

Overall, more of the same as the first season, but more consistent, and a lot of fun.

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