Lock guy – BONUS! Movie reviews!


I hadn’t really done much in the last week. I still need to go back and edit the music reviews, there were a LOT of typos. If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve seen some recent robot doodles.

Hey, I saw some movies on DVD recently. Recent Marvel movies:

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 – Way better than the first, even if, like all other Marvel movies, it devolves into a light show. The whole thing is a light show, from Rocket Raccoon & Henry The Space Serial Killer blowing up their ship, to Andy from Parks N Rec meeting his planet dad. Many of the jokes land better, but there’s a “Monopoly Guy” running gag thanks to a character named Taserface. So, the universe has Tasers and someone calls himself that? And all the people he meets are like “you willingly call yourself Taserface?” There has to be a better way to present that joke, the joke being he calls himself Taserface and the rest of the cast is like “that’s dumb.” I have more concern for Andy & friends this time around, but we all know how it’s going to end. Dave Bautista, whose character just flatly delivers cruel observations, steals the show. Not the deepest adventure, but a lot of fun.

Spider-Man Homecoming – There’s like a half dozen writers on this movie, which is thankfully more than the number of villains that the powers that be try to cram into every Spidey movie since the 3rd Raimi film. They did something pretty clever, and just ditched the origin story. Can you imagine a new Batman series starting off with NO mention of Bruce Wayne’s parents? Peter Parker is just a teen trying to live a teen life. There are so many leaps of logic, which DUH this is a movie called Spider-Man and he crawls on walls and is friends with Iron Man, but also leaps of common sense…even for a movie about a teenager’s growing pains. Like, everyone is dumb, even Iron Man. No, ESPECIALLY Iron Man. There were several opportunities for the characters to clear the air, but then you wouldn’t have Spidey out on his own. You get not one but two Shockers, and “the Vulture” was a great villain. Considering that everyone is fighting on a soundstage and the effects are added elsewhere, you know you’re watching people inserted in a big digital cartoon…BUT that said, the Vulture advancing like a bird on Spidey on a cargo plane was pretty impressive. I also love seeing Nacho from Better Call Saul in pretty much anything, so I’m guessing we’ll see him in the sequel thanks to the end credits. Also, Donald Glover. Okay, it IS jam packed with characters who serve as loose ends to set up sequels, but everyone looks to be having a great time making this, and it’s fun to watch. So, good job, everyone.

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