The Idealist (dopey robot)


One word I’m tired of reading or hearing from “both sides” is “patriotic.” We use the word to justify what we think is right, to appeal to the other side most likely. Why is that? Because of jingoism? Because we’ve been in a quagmire of war for the last sixteen years and because the worst person ever has appealed to the nationalist base and is now in charge of everything? “Well maybe if I say ‘patriotic’ enough they’ll be guilted into seeing things the way I see them.” Facts, what is right, and how you’d want to be treated and seeing how those treated badly get that treatment in the first place…those are the eye openers.

I was already tired of the “both sides” argument. You can say “that’s insane” to one side. We know what side.

Anyway, I always question people who say they love this country, and then wave flags from a hateful failed country from a long time ago. I also question people who say they love the the moral keepers of eternal afterlife but vote and pass laws that are opposite of what those morals would lead normally lead them to. That’ll be the theme for the rest of the year, I hope. Keep questioning and keep fightin’.

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