Normally not news with this guy, but…


This is one of those things that you knew would happen. That he’d be having affairs left & right. Philandering is in his nature. He brags about it openly to impress people with dignity that he thinks are staying quiet because they secretly want to be like him (maybe they do). I would ignore it or even discourage it being discussed in the news…why give his base another reason to love him? “YEAH!” shouts a multitude of Proud Boys, “another reason to live through him! If only we could be him! You’re just jealous!” They would use jealous instead of envy, like everyone else I bet. But then it was quickly pointed out: this is the easiest mark for blackmail. And selling us out would be easy for him. Covering up after himself, especially at the expense of others, is just another business dealing for him.

I spelled “Weather Vane” instead of the name I introduced in panel 1.  I’d have fixed it, but then I realized he also would get it wrong while sending out the message.

Hey, who else had a rude awakening of their life accomplishments after the Hawaii snafu on Saturday? The ink wasn’t even dry on this strip and then The Next Thing happened.

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