Making Friends


This popped in my head while on the train on Friday, a giant robot whose limbs made up some kind of recycling factory. I don’t know how it evolved into a bot who is attached to the factory. Is he part of it? But that’s where it went. I still like how it turned out, and for the first time I didn’t rush a drawing; this took two days! I couldn’t tell you how that conveyor belt works. Just accept the physics of it as it is, if that’s okay.

I was in a metal band in the 00’s. We went to this junkyard so we could take our band photos (which I never saw, and we never used). I may be misremembering that the compacting facility had a conveyor belt that took cars up to a 2nd or 3rd story location to be shredded/crushed. What always got me was that it was behind a street in Chicago that is very posh. Lots of high end shops and condo buildings. And this junkyard.

Anyway: hope you like it!

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