The Tiny Village (& bonus doodles)


I don’t even know where this one came out of. I wanted to draw a tree? And then maybe a tiny city emerging from the ground? So, there’s some sort of round being stuck in the ground with small buildings coming out of his head. Is he even a robot? Is it a bunch of tiny homes for tiny robots? In the middle of a forest maybe?

Since we’re unclear, here’s some bonus doodles:


Inspired by Lost Light/MTMTE, where we finally get to meet the tree guys.


On the way to work I walk from the train station and under a highway overpass. There’s some construction by the river, and sometimes construction vehicles, one that has a giant piledriver or spike to drill/dig a hole. All that machinery to dig a hole. I’m sure the vehicle can be outfitted for various other things, and I’m sure that hole-punching (especially through concrete) is incredibly efficient. Do you ever look at construction vehicles and wonder how those were put together? The other robot thing – her limbs and neck contract so that she can take on various sizes. I call her Tight Squeeze. Don’t get gross.

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