Seize the day! (comic strip)


This was me last weekend. Full intent to draw a lot of stuff beyond dopey robots of random design, but I bought Skyrim for $3 and started playing it. Whoops, there went the weekend. I kept making excuses to stay on the couch – part of it was that I wasn’t truly feeling well, but Skyrim is a game where the day goes by when you blink. Noon becomes 3pm becomes 6pm. That’s on me, playing a new game with open exploration and a seemingly endless list of side-missions, one popping up after the other. CURSE YOU, VIDEO GAME!

So I drew this as an attempt to do SOMETHING…and then zonked out, forgetting (or refusing) to walk 10 feet and scan it and upload it. Which is why there was no comic or art last Monday. Way to go, me.

This week will mostly be more cleaned up doodles. Then, next week? Kickstarter.


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