The saddest ‘mech


I loved the PC game Mechwarrior…but never played actual “Battletech” roleplaying or videogames. It was a 1st person shooter in a vector graphic sort of way, with a weird text adventure you would embark on between missions. In retrospect? Trying to follow along with the story was pointless. Just shoot down other robots. Well, robot-shaped vehicles. Were they robots that were piloted or were they vehicles? Vehicles that had arms? Also in retrospect, what cumbersome impractical objects. But…fun! Oh, the mechs in the 1st Mechwarrior game were pulled from unrelated fiction, and they had to stop using them for Mechwarrior 2. But then you had these giant pod things on legs with these ridiculous missile launchers, so I guess that’s okay.

Bonus bots: The motherlode!


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