Lots of people saw her (photo comic)


One thing you’ll notice about this site is that it’s been mostly comics and drawings since the start of 2018. I’ve not shared many RwC photos here – I usually just retweet anything you guys and girls tag me with, and I appreciate it greatly. On our end, RwC Jesse has been taking the photos and posting them on our FB page and on his own twitter account, which he renamed to fit in with the RwC motif. He started adding word balloons and then making photo comics.

I’ve been bad in that I’ve not shared these with you all HERE on the dot com, even though our twitter feeds & FB get more traffic at this point. This is the kind of thing I love to do and it’s also how it all started – it’s just difficult for me on my end to edit his photos into a strip and then upload, especially when I’m behind in my own drawing and writing. My own focus has been making comics and the coloring book and improving my art, not so much taking pictures of toylines…but that’s also fun. This is a lot of fun for Jesse (I hope) and I know he puts a lot of work into thinkin’ up the gags while he’s trying to get his kids and himself out the door in the morning. This could be resolved if he just let me move in with him and his family, you know, but whatever. Anyway, in case anyone thought we treated the site and the FB page and twitter feeds so separately, well, we kinda do…but that’s part of the fun for us. If I get more time to reedit these photos into a strip you can view on one page, I will start doing that more often. For now, make sure you follow Jesse on Twitter and enjoy!

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