Time to get serious


Okay, thanks for putting up with all the silliness here, particularly the Princess Robo. I am going to stop posting the Princess Robo drawings, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be making more of them…especially if I’m going to make a digest sized mini book in the next month :P.

I also need to get the kickstarter going for the coloring book. Thank you to those who have provided feedback. I’m glad everyone is digging the material I’ve shared. So, tune in for news on that next week.

Also, thank you to those who have bought some shirts and watercolors on the store page. I hope what I’m selling is reasonably priced – it helps fund other things I want to do with RwC.

There’s some promotional things I’d like to do with RwC in the near future, including putting a lot of the drawings on another site with slight changes in the effort to make a small game out of it. If that doesn’t sound coherent, well, don’t worry, I know where I want to take that idea despite it being incoherent.

I’d like to get back to doing some reviews but I’m having way too much fun drawing lately and just haven’t had time to watch some black & white crime movies like I used to. Maybe next month or in August, once I wrap up (sigh) the kickstarter.

Thanks for all your help and for being such great friends to myself and Jesse at Robots With Coffee!


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