Don’t give up


This is “Multi-Tasking Double Trouble.” I started with the steamroller motif and then thought how cool it’d be to have a crane or some other additional construction piece, like you could switch this one out and it just does it all. Who operates the crane? Why, another robot, there’s two of them! One one body! And it’s not a combiner! Cool, right?

I totally messed up the crane. Like, it wasn’t doable. I was going to just scratch it out and toss the doodle, but then decided to draw the part of the crane I messed up and fix it in photoshop. Seemed like a lot of work! Why not start from scratch? Anyway, it took me a few minutes, but I finished this simple drawing, and now I’m sharing this duo with all of you. Whew!

If I redrew it, I’d have forgotten the training wheels for sure.

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