Random robros continues


The Bumblebee/Cliffjumper/Hubcap/Bumper mold from G1 Transformers is a pretty clever contraption. There were other slight deviations, mostly different paint styles, of the figure used elsewhere, especially in South America. I like occasionally visualizing different characters based on the transformation – pull out feet, pull out arms containing both wheels on each arm, head that just flips up. Pretty compact and adorable. The original plan was to keep using the Diaclone & MicroChange molds for the next waves, but the people at Hasbro knew that they’d have to keep piling on the gimmicks, and thus with the movie they adopted or adapted and even created more figures instead of reusing the first waves of toys.

So that’s top left. Top right, I just wanted a perspective shot, and what better than a guy shot out of a cannon? The other two, couldn’t tell you. Enjoy!

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