Escape plans (comic strip)


Today is the last day at my (current) day job. I have a part time lined up and a full time down the horizon. I’m a little conflicted because the work at my job is going to pick up, and if there’s one good thing about what I’ve done is organize the amount of constant information that is funneled directly to me through various channels to then order and maintain stock for two stores. (I should put this on my resume, I guess.) So I kinda feel bad that I’m leaving, but there’s also some life changes I want to make and if it’s going to happen, it’s going to have to be NOW, regardless of who has to pick up that slack. Most people don’t worry about what happens to a place they used to work at – I’m certain there are a few people who will be happy to see me go. (Other places I’ve left that depended on my workload are still standing, so…) I don’t always have the best attitude when something doesn’t go the way I’ve planned, but I do my best to make sure that I follow up with those plans and let people know we should be on the same page (again, on my resume). I’ve found that some people don’t even bother to read those pages or respond, and then I’m wondering what I did to drop the ball to contribute to the failure. It might’ve been me. But I want to change and make changes and it’s difficult.

It might be a rude awakening wherever I end up and the attitude is the same. Such is life, right? Still going to do my best.

My friend & neighbor Ed passed away last year. He was just a year older than me. He was an artist and a really good one and very encouraging and giving when it came to our talks about making stuff. Robots With Coffee is, as my friends described to me, a brand, and they think I’ve done a good job with it. Ed encouraged a relentless output even if it wasn’t good (which, wink, is good for me!). I love doing RwC and I don’t see why I’d ever stop. But I want to not come back from a day feeling so burned out that I can’t make this stuff.

The message of this Mort strip might hit you on the head, but if it’s not obvious: don’t let your life pass you by if you’re not doing what you want to do. Even if you don’t know, even if what you want to do isn’t completely feasible, there might be something else out there but it isn’t exactly waiting for you.

Thank you for your support and viewership and feedback with Robots With Coffee. I love you, gang!

(Also, you can provide a bit of support by buying at T-shirt or watercolor here.)

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