Trying new things art-wise


I was tablin’ at a small show and thought to try a perspective shot of a pitching robot. I totally screwed it up. When I got home, I re-drew it, but changed a few things. Sometimes I try things out. I ATTEMPT draw things so that it looks different and good, and don’t succeed. But it’s good practice for later. That includes some of the robros below:

I saw a few things on the way home that inspired me to attempt a few things. Is that a sphere for a wheel on top right? I was thinking of a mouse or a trackball for a computer. Bottom left, I was stuck in traffic and saw some dudebros ride past in on their dirtbikes. They were doing stunts on a major highway, a few of them doing wheelies and standing on the back seat. I am surprised none of them wiped out there as these aren’t smooth roads. Bottom right is a factory or warehouse. I am trying to draw more buildings with detail, and what better than some of the factories I pass by with all kinds of pipes and walkways and smokestacks?

Anyway, just some doodles. Sometimes they’re nothing and then sometimes they’re everything.

For sale! Art! T-shirts!

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