Friday coffee pics and some extra robros

OKAY, it’s Friday. I didn’t draw much this week – much of what was posted was drawn last week or the week before it. If you didn’t see it mentioned elsewhere or earlier here, well, I got a new job, and the hours are different. So in a small way my life is kinda different, and I didn’t draw as much. I was also finalizing the Kickstarter which is an important part of what we’re doing here…and any updates about it are being posted on the Kickstarter page and on Twitter. It’s just more immediate there, as I plan out what goes on the site about a week in advance. Hence the long link text…PLEASE CHECK it out! If you back the Coloring Book, you’ll  be getting some extras we won’t be making available later, and you’ll be supporting RwC in a huge way, helping to fund this site and other projects. I for sure won’t be doing watercolor commissions beyond requests through the Kickstarter, and we won’t be selling the paper dolls outside of it. So please check it out and pledge, as the more pledges we get, the more copies we can print and also the more silly things we can put in the envelope when we ship it out.

Okay, I’m going to share pics that were shared with myself and Jesse on twitter:

Speaking of Blurr:

Good one, Danny.

Alpha Bravo, the world’s greatest Autobot:

Thanks everyone who tags us & shares. Here’s a bunch of extra doodles from a few weeks ago, cleaned up n whatnot.

Enjoy TF Nation, everyone over there. Also, buy my stuff.

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