Kickstarter ends…today!

Thank you everyone who donated to the Kickstarter!

The coloring book is funded! People will be getting our silly 20 page toy catalog (and many will be getting Princess Robo!) plus some paper dolls drawn by Transformers artists Casey Coller & Sara Pitre-Durocher. There will also be some paper dolls drawn by other cool people, such as Transmetropolitan & The Boys creator Darick Robertson, and artists Jim Terry and Frankie Washington!

You have a few hours to get on board – I won’t be making many of the extras available after the kickstarter.

This was a fun project of dopey robots to put together and write, and Princess Robo was an added bonus…for ME! I’m for the feedback and support for this project. I will definitely follow up with another coloring book and sketchbook (plus, at least another Mort Inkingbot comic book collection soon).

Thanks again, everyone! Stay tuned for more doodles and updates.

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