Low energy


Hola amigos. Been a long time since I last rapped at ya – I’ve been working on Kickstarter sketches. And, uh, video games. I mean drawing stuff for all the Kickstarter backers after work, working on some of the extras, etc. And also the occasional video game. I didn’t get around to editing this last weekend – most of the doodles I doodled were Kickstarter related. Then there’s the day job, which is physically poopy. I also ended up sleeping most of the afternoon away this last weekend. D’oh! I got a few good drawings in, albeit no Mort strips or reviews or anything like that. I’m going to put those doodles up here in the next week starting today (Wednesday). So if you were tuning in daily (thanks), sorry I missed a few days. I didn’t think I had anything. Thanks for tuning in!


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