Can you maybe do this another time, Painterbot?

This inktober is inspired by some books and magazines I found on aviation graffiti.


One of the other difficulties I created for myself this Inktober was to use this really rough paper in these old sketchbooks a neighbor gave my mom over the summer. I actually use some of my broken “split” pens (my felt ink pens whose tip split in half in previous inking events) because the paper is so rough that I will ruin the non-broken pens pushing hard on the paper. Kind of  ridiculous, I guess. Then why am I doing it? Good question.

The magazines I found are very interesting – they’re mostly b&w pics of WW2 aircraft and long stories about how those planes and their pilots fared in battle. Then in the center there’s several color pages of drawings of the planes with their color schemes. Along with that I found a book called Aircraft Nose Art which features color pics of the painted personalization of these planes by the pilots and crew, but mostly vague details if any. Both are pretty neat.

Here’s a video of me drawing today’s post.

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