I make deals, not ideals!

Some rough stuff in the news in the last week so I belted out two comics for today and tomorrow.

Trumpbot obviously has no concern about a murdered journalist, even one who was a resident in the U.S. There’s been some “Well, the guy was a spy,” (he was definitely an advisor while editing various propaganda) followed by a foreign lobbyist pointing out that the particular country’s new ruler is NEW at committing murder, so cut him some slack, and also we invaded the wrong country after 9/11. The lobbyist represents the country where most of the terrorists came from, so the whole “invade the wrong country” bit…how do you not expect anyone to fact check you? Counterpoint?

“You invaded the wrong country, so back off!”

The right country was YOUR COUNTRY!

Anyway. Trumpbot’s unqualified dumbass son-in-law who apparently makes deals for us might’ve been in contact with these murderous morons but this will all just be a talking point between columnists who are trying to get the last word in as they all hype up the election like it’s a game that they get ad revenue for. That’s why the press is always telling you how much the parties have raised: that’s them telling the parties “We know how much you have, spend it here!”

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