Who are you gonna not listen to?

This was a bit hastily drawn. It’s based on a conservative meme I saw shared, “Don’t listen to rock stars or tv personalities! We should be listening to teachers and doctors!” And of course it’s the party of Betsy DeVos and eliminating ACA. But I belted it out while waiting to meet a friend and also deal with the landlord over a shower problem. Do most of my strips look like this anyway?

I had also voted that morning that I drew this. I spent the evening watching the returns across the board, and of course I can’t comment on any of it here because it’s two days later or so. If you follow me on the twitter and I haven’t alienated you with my posts and RTs, well you can see further commentary there.

If it doesn’t go the way I’d like it to go, I don’t care: I’ll still shout into the void about it. You can’t stop just because the system only got SLIGHTLY less weighted against you.

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