Thappy Hanksgiving!

I’ll be working today and tomorrow (Black Friday, ugh) and probably watching a ton of MST3K, including the new season, which is directed by Rob Schrab. Schrab is one of my cartooning heroes so I am stoked to see what he’s done with the new season of MST3K.

Next week, expect a podcast or video discussing 10 episodes of MST3K that aren’t Manos or Mitchell level popular, but are some of the best episodes…at least in my opinion.

In the meantime…I have a text file that is just a listing of drawings I need to fix. For whatever reason, I didn’t. So for the holidays, today and tomorrow, I’ll post those here. Starting with “Tether Moon.”

What? I think I was going to add some NASA photo as the background but never did. Here’s two large space bots playing tetherball with our moon. Ouch!

Bonus: a farting robot. Don’t act surprised.

…I think I just left this one after I scanned it because I didn’t like it. I’m AIRING OUT these drawings for you.

Go shop online, I have comics and TShirts and drawings that would make great gifts.

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