But think about how much you’ll save on pallbearers

There was a death in the family, so…I have a lot of drawings from the last two weeks edited & uploaded. I might not have the time between now and next week to make posts, if that’s anything people who visit depend on. I sure hope so, right? I’m trying to stick to something new every weekday. I’ll also have to do some family stuff for a bit. Add to that a very finnicky computer that maybe I should consider *gasp* replacing…

Here’s some random robros. It’s labelled “100” but there’s a few numerical gaps, as for some pages of extra bots (random doodles not matching any themes) were combined so that there’d be 3-5 per posted image. But, still, that’s a lot of robots, right? I hope you like them:

Actually, this is a good batch of coffeebots and a princess robo who’s some kind of baseball warrior. Fun…?

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