Can I pay you after I get my money from my offshore account?

Some tone deaf advice (and I mean advice, as in actual suggestions from sources caring for their employees) to various government employees on furlough is to have yard sales to pay off any rent or bills while everyone waits for the the merciless and needless shutdown to come to its end. Like, can you imagine every coast guard employee trying to sell their stuff to each other or their neighbors as the shutdown comes to the end of its first MONTH? Not all loaners are being forgiving to anyone who will have regular payments due in this time, and friends and family and kind restaurants will only be so charitable for so long.

I had this idea of Trumpbot making a similar suggestion, especially as he has had no ideas for people he has temporarily laid off FOR NO REASON that he also THINKS ARE ON HIS SIDE, and then trying to barter with the people. That’s his nature. He’d try to rip them off. The people who will never get hurt by his policies are going to somehow benefit by this fiasco, somehow, I just know it. I just think of something landing their private jet on the street of a Coast Guard member to buy that person’s belongings, and haggling.

Anyway, that’s the comic. Enjoy. And help your friends out if they’re directly affected by this, if you can.

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