Come back! I wanna rock!

The response to the Lost Goat article last week has been very nice – singer Erica shared it with friends who in turn posted their memories of those days. I’m grateful I’m not the only one who dug them. Also, if you look at the original post, you’ll see that LG’s guitarist Eric left an appreciative note, and included: “I’m currently in a band called Frisco with an album that just came out on Valley King Records.” I saw the name Frisco in my research but couldn’t determine if Eric was a full member or just a guest on a demo, so I’m sorry I skipped mentioning it.

Eric also mentioned an appearance on “TV Eye,” and the band is on around the 16:25 mark.

A gritty time capsule to stoner rock!

Okay! Well, that’s a nice update, and you get to see Lost Goat in action! Hopefully we’ll be hearing from Erica in the near future – in the meantime, here’s some dopey robots!

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