Just enjoying some comics

It’s because someone made a joke about Darkhawk online and tagged me.

I’ve been behind on my comics reading: I have a few series I’m waiting to be fully published before reading the whole thing. There’s a few exceptions, and one I’ll mention is LODGER by David & Maria Lapham. I don’t know the planned story length but hopefully it’ll have a healthy run to tell its full story, about a girl whose family is torn apart by a overly charming travel blogger. The first issue was weird, the second issue floored me and filled in the non-linear gaps. Looks like a trade is being solicited for preorders this month for print in April, so if you haven’t seen the single issues lying around, ask your local comic shop to get your a copy of the collection.

Here’s some bonus bots.

I have to admit that I was running out of steam drawing these. January was a long and tiring month, okay?

Oh, happy Valentine’s Day. Buy your loved one a t-shirt or coloring book or original art. That’s exactly what they want, I’m sure!

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