Rocket Biker! Also, an update.

I think this is a theme – I may have other robots who are also rockets. I like drawing streamers on handles for whatever vehicle the robot is, or is steering.


I didn’t intend to take two weeks off, but I apparently took two weeks off. I’ve mentioned the scanning and editing problems I’ve been having – but another issue is getting back into the full time job market. I’m employed, but I have fluctuating hours and they’re also weird hours. I thought it would be a schedule I could handle that would allow me extra daylight to work on comics, but in practice I’ve been mostly exhausted throughout the week. I miss a few perks from full time employment. Everything else has been okay, I’m not hurting. I had my ‘break’ from the daily grind and now it’s time to grind some coffee beans and get back to it. I’ve spent the last few weeks applying and interviewing. Nothing yet, some leads, some promises, some mistakes, some more tries.

This won’t stop RwC, and actually I’m upset I can’t currently repair my computer situation. I was working before and generating material, and I’ll still be posting as I do my job search. Just an FYI if you’ve been visiting the site and there haven’t been daily or any posts. I was happy to do nearly one every weekday for 14 months, and bummed I didn’t keep it up in Smarch. Sorry!

Here’s some bonus bots.

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