Fall on your sword! (comic strip)

Mort 149

HEY! A few things, starting with: I FIXED MY COMPUTER! I have access to my proper editing software! I can start scanning my comics and filter out the digital noise within! I am way too excited about this!

I can also start working on the next RwC comic! It is going to be called “You Can Do Stupid Things” unless I wisen up before making the cover. Better get started soon if I want it ready for TFCon DC in October.

I still need to make time to start editing the, oh, 100 drawings or so I scanned this weekend. If you follow me on the social media you’ve probably seen many of these, but if not they’ll start popping up on this site starting next week or so. This week is kind of busy, sadly. I’m just happy my main computer is working and I don’t have to go from laptop to parent’s computer to scan something and then fix it with an inferior art program I can’t figure out because it’s not intuitive or I’m just not that smart.

In the meantime, enjoy this Mort Inkingbot comic!

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