Podcast! Paul & Jesse talk about action figures.

HEY! We’ve been talking about it forever but finally found some free time to make a podcast. Or a low-key audio recording. It’s RwC Paul & RwC Jesse as they talk about the new Transformers Reflector figure, and maybe a few other things. Point is, you can spend an hour listening to us talk. I’m a little low-energy and my audio cuts out a little, but Jesse brings it with his enthusiasm. Don’t operate heavy machinery while listening, is what I’m saying.

Robots With Coffee the podcast! Kinda. Maybe.

You can also download it here. I will check on my meager equipment and caffeinate better next time. Not sure when the next one will be or if it’ll be Paul & Jesse or Paul & Eric or whoever. Oh, questions for us? Why not leave them in the comments.

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