Friday Building Dump

It’s Friday! Finally, right?

As mentioned in many recent posts, a lot of drawings had accumulated and weren’t able to be scanned & edited due to computer issues being somewhat resolved in late May. So most of June’s dopey robot drawings are just me catching up with those scans. I have more on the way – you know, one particular robot plus a group of robros at the bottom. Are you enjoying this format? Let me know.

One theme I have is giant robots either hanging around cities or part of the skyline themselves. Today’s post is just a few of those drawings, cleaned up.

buildings 08
buildings 09
buildings 10

The last one is one of my favorites. I think 8 & 10 were from March Of Robots. Anyway, happy Friday, thank you for checking out this site. Tell your friends and visit the store and buy some art! Maybe I’ll use the funds to learn something about architecture…

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