Break over. Here’s a comic strip!

Yeesh, Mort:

Mort 153

Oh man, poor Mort. I drew the first two panels and then quickly belted out (if you can’t tell) the bottom two. I wanted to get Mort in a moment where even he realizes he’s not trying any more.

SO, I’m back. I am going to post something once a week at a minimum and then maybe after Halloween I’ll get back to once a weekday, which I did for like a year or 18 months or so before I had computer trouble. SURGERY: I’ve been drawing for the last month since my minor surgery. I’m grateful I’m at a job where I’m sitting down at a computer most of the time, except… when I get home, I don’t want to sit at the computer the rest of the time, which I will need to do to catch up to the doodles I’ve belted out while sitting on the couch. BUT I do have a lot of drawings to clean up, not to mention “You Can Do Stupid Things,” the cover of which I just finished painting. THIS week I’ll have some doodles to share, not sure how many next week.

HEY! Though I’m fully employed again, and have insurance, my copay for this surgery is huge! BUY SOME OF MY STUFF so I don’t have to argue with the hospital about money!

Okay, keep your eyes peeled here in the next few days, thanks!

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