Podcast 2 – where to put Unicron

Hola Amigos! Been a long time since I last rapped at you!

I said I would post something at LEAST once a week and then after a week of Princess Robo drawings, I disappeared. Whoops! But there’s a reason: I finished editing YOU CAN DO STUPID THINGS! Which I will have at TFcon in DC on Oct 26th & 27th!

I’ll be at TF Con selling the Coloring Book, Princess Robo, RwC 1, & You Can Do Stupid Things. I’ll have some watercolors and some dopey robot prints. Should be a good time, and Jesse will be there!

But HEY, a new podcast! Jesse & ME! We talk about not being able to afford Unicron, what comics Jesse is reading (and I’m not reading), and some other rambling conversations. It’s 78 minutes long, sorry! Please enjoy!

Paul & Jesse talk about stuff.

You can download it here! I should add that we recorded this about 2 weeks ago. Like with the rest of the stuff I haven’t posted – just been busy finishing You Can Do Stupid Things.

Okay – thanks for your patience for new material here. I’ve been drawing a lot, I just need to scan & edit & share. But I spent all that time in front of the computer finishing You Can Do Stupid Things, so…there you go, that’s what I’ve been up to.

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