Hooray for the Expos – a week of Baseball bots!

I would like to think of a good reason for no posts for almost 2 weeks: I went to TF Con in Washington, DC (well, really Reston, VA) with RwC Jesse, got to meet a lot of people, and got to debut my latest comic, YOU CAN DO STUPID THINGS. Thanks everyone who stopped by and chatted and bought copies of YCDST and other RwC classics such as #1 and the coloring book.

To prepare YCDST, well, I had already set up the pages into a format for the printers, but I flubbed the cover and tried it again and it still was terrible. I was about to give up but I did another watercolor of Trumpbot, way simpler than the garish covers I had wasted a lot of paint on, and people reacted really well. So that was cool, I’m glad it worked out. I found a printer who had an incredibly quick turnaround and within a week I had copies, which in turn I shipped to Jesse. Then I spent the rest of the week haulin’ butt at my day job so I wouldn’t have any loose ends when I went to DC.

We didn’t get any free World Series tickets (thanks for nuthin’, cheapskates) but what the heck, the Nationals won, so I’m happy. They didn’t win while I was there. I got back home to Chicago and went straight to work and was pretty exhausted for the week. I managed to scan about 70+ drawings this weekend, so at least for a week I’ll have some doodles to share here and will get back on the computer to edit the rest.

So, in celebration of the Nationals’ first World Series Championship, here’s a week of baseball robots, plus some bonus robros.

Baseball 13

And the bonus robros:

Robros 036

I like this batch of doofusy robots. The poor guy, top left.

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